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Strategic Marketing Workshops 

Interactive workshops to learn conventional and unconventional ways to grow your business and increase your power. 


"Great workshop!  I want to jump out of my seat and immediately start implementing on the ideas I got from you.  Thanks for stressing the 3-D Factor and changing my entire perception about how we need to market."

- Christina Leon, Bank of America

/images/misc/scroll.jpg"You got everyone’s attention!  I was inspired to immediately review my company’s marketing plan.  I want to tell you how grateful I am to be able to participate in such a great presentation!  I would like to follow up with you on related topics for follow-on workshops." 

- Jim Sando, Strategic Research Group


How Business Art Patronage and Sponsorship Increases Influence and Extends Brand Legacy Beyond Ordinary Dimensions

Business patronage and sponsorship in art elevates your influence and extends brand legacy.  From Andy Warhol's Campbell soup cans to Banksy's street art with visual social narratives, it has long been demonstrated that art is a superior communication vehicle. 

Throughout history, a pattern becomes clear, that a strategic structure exists, forming a "secret society" of influence.   Whether it is about the business aims, philanthropic causes, social messages or political dialogs your business sponsors, with the right programs and access, fine arts communicates and inspires in the most powerful ways.  It creates emotional connection with your patrons where they embrace your messages and causes, shaping your future together.  

Business patronage and sponsorship of art executed at a superior level is the ultimate integrity selling tool.  Contact us to learn how our superior program designs and access accelerates the influence and brand legacy of your business beyond ordinary dimensions.   


How to Use Sound to Grow Your Profits and Brand to Increase Enterprise Value

Ever entered a retail store or an eatery or any public place where you felt you had to leave quickly?  Truth is that the sound in a business environment affect patrons and employees which in turn affect sales and productivity, both of which in turn has impact on the profitability of your business. 

In a retail environment, merchants want to create a mood for patrons to shop and to return.  In an eatery, a coffee shop, a tea house, a bookstore with an eatery, a restaurant or a bar, patrons come to consume food and beverages but also to socialize.  Music is played in the background for enjoyment but also to create a brand image.  If it is too loud, it interferes with conversations.  If it is too soft, it loses its effectiveness as a business tool. 

In any environment, especially on a production floor, a manufacturer's site, a large office environment, a hospital or medical office, a school or an assisted living home, the sound you hear that you don't know you hear can interfere with the sound you want to hear.  Resonance, reflections and all kinds of ambient sound disrupts patrons' comfort and interferes with employees' productivity.  

Contact us to learn how to use sound and music as friendly and effective tools to grow your profits and extend your brand legacy beyond ordinary dimensions.