Outside the Box Advisory Solutions™

Our Core Competencies........

/images/misc/turntoclearvision.jpgConduct Business Planning.  General business, corporate and strategic planning, exit strategies and succession planning.

Position Marketing & Sales.  Sales growth internally, via enhanced public relations, brand-building, other online and offline marketing and sales plans including website and emarketing consultation, and externally, via opportunistic external transactions, including strategic alliances and acquisitions.

Maximize Profitability.  Profitability and cash flow maximization via asset utilization and work flow efficiency, cost containment measures, streamlined human resources approach, enhanced telecommunications support.

Optimize Work Flow.  Optimization of work flow, systems development and implementation and staff training for mistake avoidance.

Assess & Develop Staff & Management.  Deploy tools for assessment, training, placement and development of staff and management.

Access to Financing & Capital.  Access to growth capital and other funding solutions.

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