Business Assessment Meeting

It is widely accepted that being a business owner is one of the toughest and loneliest positions in any business.  We have taken the initiative to offer a private and confidential Business Assessment Meeting to business owners and managers to receive some guidance, mentoring and support from our experience.  During this chat, we will cover most aspects of your business, go over future plans, concerns or problems the businesses may face and focus in areas that are most important to the you. 

At the end of the chat, you should be able to benefit from certain thoughts and ideas and pointers towards the direction of any solutions or advice that maybe suitable for your business.  This Business Assessment Meeting, which normally takes a couple hours, is carried out a premise and time convenient for you.  In order to get the most benefit, if there are other key decision makers in the organization, it is advisable to have them there so that crucial input from all the 'stakeholders' can be directly conveyed and incorporated when discussing key business issues to ensure an all-encompassing and balanced approach. 

Your Business Assessment Meeting could be the most profitable meeting you arrange this year!

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