The Business Core 360 Compass


/images/misc/18_Compass.jpgThe Business Core 360 Compass is designed to front run the fact-finding, gameplan development and priority weighing activities of our Business Support Plan so that a preliminary masterplan of attack is developed to achieve your objectives.  Based on our 4 Keys To Success model, our Core 360 Compass helps us identify the gaps to success. 

With the help of our diagnostic tools and personal interviews of key stakeholders or do-it-yourself questionnaires followed by workshops, best results are seen with:

  • An organization that have more stakeholders, decision makers, and/or implementation partners,
  • A business that might be in an industry that is influx that is feeling pain in multiple areas of need, and a bit of a "deer in the headlight" syndrome, 
  • A business owner that has a very strong team in all core disciplines but needs a little jolt to help the team see the path in front.  These are the DIY's - Do it  Yourself Type that just need a few bolts of lightning and feel very comfortable executing the results of the Business Audit on their own.
  • A business that begins the Business Support Program with our Business Audit so they can benefit from having a pre-setting course that by and large functions as a roadmap for a distinct set of preliminary goals and action items during the business support period.  

Below is a partial list of audit areas: 

  • company vision and mission 
  • business culture
  • local and expanded business, industry and competitive environment
  • key contract reviews
  • organizational structure
  • leadership style
  • employee productivity, morale, accountability and compensation structures
  • employee and contractor placement and growth path
  • accounting and financial controls and budgetary performance
  • branding, market positioning
  • effectiveness of in-house and out-of house marketing and sales initiatives/relationship
  • customer satisfaction and buying motives
  • processes, systems and technology

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