The Business Support Plan

/images/misc/businesssupport.jpgThe Big Picture........  Like most business owners and executives, you know your trade, but sometimes wish you had another experienced and independent business person to talk to, just to provide that vital second opinion, challenge your thinking, or expand your horizon of network, knowledge and contact base for your business growth. 

The Practical Picture........  With the many competing demands for your time, often there is little or no time left to deal with key issues that need your attention.   Like most business owners and executives, you have several skill sets that brought you success to-date but do not have the width or breadth in all core disciplines and wish you can obtain some help to determine the ideal approach for each set of opportunities and challenges that arise.  As a result, it is not unusual that business owners and executives are not taking steps to improve on their business or work on issues that have been looming in the background or at the forefront. 

The Clear Picture........  As part of the Business Support Plan, we provide your company with an on-site business advisor to assist and support you in every possible way.  Our goal is to ensure that you are able to control a timely and organized introduction and implementation of the best options and practices for your company overtime while on a parallel basis be able to manage the day-to-day demands of your business.

Throughout the period of support, we look at over 55 areas of your business to identify and improve on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to put you on a path to profit. 

The Key Benefits of the Business Support Plan........  With 95% of all firms in the U.S. being small businesses that employ less than 50 employees, you are not alone.  The Business Support Program levels your playing field with the larger businesses and gives you an affordable distinct advantage to compete.  Under the program, we are your business adviser available to you to discuss and implement on any issues that you have, in any area of your business. 

The Business Support Plan is not like traditional consulting.  Its real strength lies in the ability to establish an ongoing hands-on relationship between the business adviser and the client.

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