Executive Biography - Pandora Pang


For over two decades, Pandora has helped thousands of business in hundreds of industries with a plethora of enterprise models in attaining successful strategic turnarounds and accelerated business growth.  Sparked by her childhood dream of helping her entrepreneurial father grow his business, Pandora started her business career to fulfill her life-long passion of maximizing the potential of people and businesses and their contributions to each other.

Pandora began her career as an investment analyst in corporate high yield securities and quickly rose to manage a billion dollars of invested capital in the media, entertainment and gaming industries under the Chief Investment Officer of an insurance company in California that had $11 billion under management.  Specializing in fulcrum distressed corporate securities and in leading corporate financial and operational restructurings, Pandora then joined one of nation's largest private equity firms to engage in principal private investment activities in mid-sized private and public businesses.  Following her passion to growing people and businesses, she jumped on the opportunity to become the right hand person of a serial entrepreneur who had then just sold his business for $6 billion to a pharmaceutical manufacturer to engage in mergers and acquisitions of his next public vehicle.  That business became nation's top healthcare information technology businesses with market capitalization of multi-billion dollars when Pandora left to found Outside the Box Strategic Solutions, LLC.

Known for her “5 in 5” repeated track record, realizing return on direct invested capital five times in five years, Pandora helps business owners and leaders accelerate business growth with more ease, speed & yield higher invested returns.  Notable successful corporate turnaround and growth stories include the Telemundo Group, Vail Associates, WebMD Corporation, Bally’s Manufacturing and its then subsidiary Life Fitness, and United International Holdings.  During the last ten years, her focus has been in helping CEOs of small and mid-market businesses with growth strategies and implementation.

Skilled in alliance and consensus building with a keen eye for undervalued business and people assets, Pandora is an expert business growth strategist that repeatedly puts companies on a high growth path by realizing values in non-performing assets, finding hidden assets and leveraging performing assets into new arenas.  She focuses on sustainable business growth, lending resources and balancing the need for revenue and profits gain at all times.

Pandora is a life-time learner.  She has trained and partnered up with many top business growth trainers and coaches in the world, most notably, the late Jay Conrad Levinson, the late Chet Holmes, and Tony Robbins in his Business Breakthrough International as an elite advisor to their clients.  Pandora is a Fellow of the Institute for Independent Business (the IIB) and has collaborated with many accredited associates by the Institute worldwide, affording her clients a vast network of global resources, information services and various expertise normally only available to chief executives of Fortune 500 companies.   

Through working with clients in the high end audio and the art businesses, Pandora reconnected with her love of art and music.  In pursuing that hobby, she began examining these businesses with both a patron's heart and a business person's mind.  What emerged is a business knowhow in accessing and investing in one's environment in business and in home settings with art and sound that not only better the quality of life but also preserves and accumulates wealth for both the patrons and the supply chain.  Pandora holds workshops and talks on these topics. 

Pandora holds an MBA from University of Southern California and received her Bachelors in Business Administration from University of Wisconsin, Madison.   

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Pandora speaks and writes fluent Cantonese and Mandarin and currently resides in Southern California with her husband and two children.

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